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It is the oldest medical system & not researched through the cruelty on animals. It affirms that health is a natural balance between the five fundamental elements which compose any “matter”. This blessing is accessible to all by respecting few simple disciplines. The diseases are caused due to toxicity & misbalance between various essentials.






It consists of a series of movements for physical relaxation and energy-balancing. We reach a state of subtle calm to increase our capacity of immunisation. It activates the detoxification of lymph and re-charges it with good-energy. It helps remove the tiredness, the alkalosis, the insomnia, the depression, etc. Through our work on all body-tissues & deep mental relaxation we preserves our joy. It works on all the 3 levels of our existence : PHYSICAL, PSYCHOOLOGICAL and COSMIC. Through the stimulation of the Marmas (meridians) & Chakras (vital-energy centres), we feel a lasting sense of well-being.
This technique is well-planned still not rigid. We adopt & arrange the movements & pressures according to individual’s state of health.
There is no counter indication.

We also teach mothers to massage their babies from an early age. This will not only improve their resistance to diseases, help growth but also improve psychic contact/power.



This series of movements have been arranged according to our
body-tissues explained in Ayurvedic texts. Hence we have to learn the basic principles of Ayurveda. By practical exchanges of the movements few times we easily remember as well as feel the effect & function of this technique.

Our object with this technique is not to remain limited to physical level but to transform our dispersing emotions into a POSITIVE force. Hence you learn some Chakra-meditation to help yourself and then lead your friends towards it. This develops a strong self-confidence in both of you & results into capability to attract more PRANA (cosmic-energy). You also learn simple Yogic Respiration Exercises.

This is an approximately 50 hours basic-training which takes 6 days of workshop. It is arranged either 6 days (1 week) at a stretch or divided into 3 continuous/alternative WEEK-ENDS.




(Five techniques of detoxification)

Every disease is the result of misbalance of our Tridoshas which is triggered due to non-elimination of Natural, not-well-digested or external impurities. Those un-eliminated toxic matters block or reduce the flow of nourishments to different organs & disturb the functions of them. Most of us clean our external body regularly but do not take any care about cleaning the internal organs. Consider, your car is very clean & shining from outside. It will not avoid it’s break-down due to the negligence in driving with short/dirty motor-oil.

The following 5 types of “cleaning” will not only avoid the suffering of diseases but also rejuvenate us.

- SNEHAN : oleation (internal & external) including Massage
- SVEDANA : transpiration for cleaning the pores.

- UTTARA & JALA NETI : different methods for cleaning ear, nose & throat.
- KUNJAL KRIYA : vomiting
- SHANKA PRAKSHALANA : cleaning totally the digestive system..


The most effective periods for PANCH KARMA are between two seasons. If we want to limit it to only once a year, the best season is Autumn. During the summer, bacterial growth is rapid. Hence detoxification of the body, both inside and outside, prepares our organism to spend the cold & dry winter in good conditions.




The yoga is an ancestral science for enjoying healthy long-life. The approach is to live in harmony with oneself, with others around and with the Cosmos. We teach the yoga in Group as well as adopted to Individual. It’s regular practice helps us reach a joyful state of mind.


All these should be practiced daily as a way of life : YAMA (restrictions), NIYAMA (observances), ASANAS (postures), PRANAYAMA (respiration exercises), PRATYAHARA (steadiness), DHARANA (deep concentration) & DHYANA (meditation). The eighth & last step is SAMADHI - liberation or illumination.



This science leads us towards obtaining the maximum benefit from the Cosmic energy available everywhere & also free. To start a Motor we need a Battery. To charge our battery-like CHAKRAS we need to connect with the Cosmic source of all Energies. TANTRA (cord or technique) simplifies the practice to awaken that ENERGY which remains ‘inactive’ in the symbol of a sleeping COBRA.

By regular meditation, we awaken the COBRA (of energy) to rise & to reach the 7th CHAKRA (on the Cranial level). This will connect ourselves with superior universal consciousness. Then we can either use it for our spiritual EVOLUTION or material gains. It is advised to take light (easily digestible) meals during this practice.





We invite you to enforce your immunity & health in a six-days program of AYURVEDIC REJUVINATION which consists of primarily eliminating the long-stuck toxins from different organs through fasting & PANCH KARMA. Thereafter, you will regulate & balance your diet according to your Prakriti (the individual nature) & the seasons.

“Healthy food could never be cooked in a dirty-pot” Ayurvedic analogy

The modern life with many ‘pressures’ misbalances our natural rhythm. Even the ‘Holidays’ are full of stress. Our immune system should not be stretched to the limits all the time. Let them relax & re-charge and you will feel the difference yourself.

The retreat is situated in a sunny region, near the sea as well as Pyrenees. Hence the atmosphere will also help you to better oxygenate yourself & relax. You will have the opportunity to practice YOGA postures, breathing, meditation, etc. You can learn the path of simple-living & the philosophy of non-attached life with SWAMI JI.